Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Why our intervals should be longer?

Todays title is going to be why our intervals should be longer… Why should it be longer? Because most of our time is spent learning but we could just do homework at home. Isn't that what wifi is for? Why can’t our intervals be longer, is it because they want us to learn more?.

Reason one. it may affect our learning, but how can we solve this problem?. Our morning tea should start earlier than it normally starts and our lunch should also be earlier. students love to talk to each other in class, most teachers get annoyed and tell them of give three strikes or even Re-Think.

Another reason kids should have longer intervals is because they might want to play outside longer or they might want to play Basketball longer. Some people have been asking why our intervals are short and why can’t they make it longer.

My last reason why students and kids should have longer intervals is because when students ask teachers to go to the toilet they go toilet but when they see their friends they play around and muck around in the toilets. Then end up getting in trouble.

I hope every body agrees with me and I hope that we get longer intervals

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