Tuesday, 30 June 2015

My super powers

If I had a superpower I would have a power that can slow time down. Say if i'm late to a birthday party or school I can slow time down and I will be on time and get my work finished. My super power is about slowing time down you can do anything.

It would feel awesome and freaky  imagine a black and white force field that makes everything black and white it also goes around the world and slows time when it hits a person or anything  they move slow. It feels a bit like you're the only one there and what ever you touch it comes to fast motion and you can do anything.
                                      rubric marked by Angelo
I would use my powers to save the treasury from being robbed by slowing time down and catch the bad guys,and save the day and also give the money back to the bank and I would be famous on the local news paper. If there is a thief on police ten 7 I would catch them and turn them in to the police station. If the paper man is sick i would slow time down and deliver the newspapers all over the world.

I think having superpowers could be cool because,if you're late to anything you can slow down time and be on time.  it’s also good to help people in danger i will be there. If you had my super power it would be cool cause you can do lots of things like if your mum is annoying you slow time down,if you’re late to school you can also slow time down.

the task asked us to write an affective paragraph with punctuation and juicy words. today we learnt how to write our own super powers.

Friday, 26 June 2015

super Mario writing

W.A.L.T: write effective paragraphs
Today for writing we were playing super mario world, which was the most popular game since the 1990’s, and it is still popular now.  many people in New Zealand  used to play this game when they where little on game boy.

Image result for mario and luigiIn super mario the aim of the game is to pass the level and watch out for the bad guys. The bad guys  can kill you and you start over again and they can block your path so think smart and try not to die. In the game there are mushrooms that can make you big and collect star and when you past a level there will be a star on the that level. you can also jump on the bad guys head and they die.[  

Mario is a character with a brother luigi. Mario and luigi have friends Bowser,Kirby and wario.

How to play super Mario bros is to use the keyboard they are space (to jump) down (to duck) and the right and left to move.

Today for writing we were writing about super Mario world. how to play is to use the arrows

Thursday, 4 June 2015

week 5 teacher lesson

W.A.L.T:Solve multiplication problems using a range of strategies

week 4 teacher lesson

W.A.L.T: Solve multiplication problems using a range of strategies.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

math teacher lesson

W.A.L.T: The bigger the denominator the smaller the fraction you get
today we learnt how to order fraction.