Friday, 8 April 2016

My fiafia Review

yesterday all of pt England school had a fiafia. Lots of people came to watch our performances. The first thing we did was get changed in our holding rooms. The type of clothes that we had to wear was a plain white t-shirt,chinos or denim pant and a checkered  shirt. When we were ready we all lined up on the field in front of the stage we where there just after the band. My group for fiafia was senior Hip Hop group our songs were California love,Hit the road jack and tricky, our tutor for Hip Hop was miss Haere. My most favourite part of fiafia was the food and when Brooklyn used her phone on the camera she put a beard on miss haere while recording her with it on her.

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  1. Kia ora Hosea, sounds like you enjoyed yourself and had a great feed. I remember other Fiafia nights years ago and the food and dancing was awesome then too. Thanks for you story. from Matua Wyllis