Tuesday, 31 March 2015

the duffy show

W.A.L.T we are learning to to read

Have you ever been to a duffy show? first we walk to the hall with the year fives and sixes. the duffy show is all about encouraging people and kids around the world to read.

when we arrived in the hall we sat in rows until the show began. we were playing simon say until duffy got there.the characters are Duffy, sienna and the librarian .

then the show began.the first part was when sienna didn't  know how to read. the funniest part was when they were reading a dinosaur  book from the non-fiction  area.

And they were reading the book and they were running away from the dinosaur that was chasing them. And then they went in slow motion  trying to close the book.

Then at the end it was cool  i really liked the duffy show

opinions bottle rockets

Thursday, 26 March 2015

the paper tower

Have you ever made a paper tower?
Well Mr Goodwin let us make newspaper towers in groups of five.  mr goodwin gave us the materials to make it, the towers had to be tall like sky tower but made out of paper.

So we moved into group and we made the paper tower. my group lots only if it was still we could have won only if it stood still we had only 8 min to do the paper tower the materials we had was one long strip of masking tape, newspaper and scissors. my group made a tower

Mrs Goodwin said “ your time starts now” so we all rushed to our groups and start making our paper tower.  First we had to make a base for the tower to stand on, then we started on the tower. It was a little bit tippy.

unfortunately ours didnt make it to the results ours fell over and the teachers had to decide on who was going to the end i felt sad because ours did not stand.

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