Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Term 2 Immersion assembly

We are now in term 2, our theme for this term is AS I SEE IT. this morning we had an immersion assembly, each team had something different to share. The first team to share their item was team 1 there item was about there favourite things,

Ms George's favourite chocolate was Hokey,pokey and learning about their favourite things. Team 2's item was about colours related to sessions like  autumn,winter,summer,spring . Each class had there own session to write,learn and read about. Team 3'7s movie was about a TV show grand design,a group of friends meet on Facebook and design a house for them and their friends.

Team 4 Item was all about comic books and superheroes. There movie was about a evil villain named Bear Baxindine who wanted to steal a net book but he got away with but then the amateur heroes came to clam the net book back but the amateur heroes get captured and taken back to his secret lair .

Then out of nowhere the teacher avengers came to save the day by saving the ametuer heroes and getting that net book back from the evil villain bear Baxindine “TEACHER AVENGERS ASSEMBLE” exclaimed team leader america. The teacher avengers are wondering woman, bat-guy and team leader america. As they charged team leader america threw his shield and hit bear Baxindine KA-POW and bear baxindine was sent flying to Africa and the net book was sent back to the cupboard.

Team 5's item was about the four boats named Te aurere,Hokule'a,Hine moana and hikianalia where having a race between the four waka's Te aurere,Hokule'a,Hine'moana and Hikianalia. The race between the four wakas was a funny race because they where going all over the place some going right,left and backwards.the waka that won the race was green and in second place was blue third was red last was yellow.

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