Thursday, 10 April 2014

fiafia 2014

When i arrived I was feeling nervous on the stage i was feeling scared but then i just did my dance. When i did my danceIfelt really scared i was so nervous.when i was there I saw Emmanuel,John armour and Germaine.

When i was watching all the fiafia groups my favourite one was precicly favourite part of preicicly that was the start of there performance.They made us laugh at the end of there dance when they bump every one.    

When i came to fiafia night I felt nervous that i had to perform in front of lots and lots of people.In Two years i am going to be in Jump Jam.

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  1. Hosea
    Great to read your recount about Fiafis night. It sounds amazing. Will you be posting any video of your performance? I enjoyed reading how you wrote about your feelings before your performance it made me think about how exciting that it must have been for you.
    Mr Webb, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki.