Wednesday, 7 May 2014

My best Game Ever

In the holidays I was playing my PS3. A game that I really like to play is Saints Row the Third my favourite Mission to do is party time. Its a Mission where you're in a helicopter and you have to Jump out of the helicopter and land on a Penthouse and Kill the Morning stars.when ever you've past a Mission you get lots of Money and you unlock Things.

my favourite Part of the game is when you do this Mission and you get this big Brute could oleG. HJe can smash Cars,Tanks he can break doors down to.then I did this Zombie mission where you have to go to Ocean Docks and fight your way to the mayor but when you get there the Mayor is a Zombie the Missions could the ocean docks nightmare.

I really liked my holidays but I did not want to go to school.     

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