Thursday, 23 July 2015

If I had a million dollars

Intro w.a.l.t.
If i had a million dollars i would buy every single game in EB world and don't even care about the price tags and shoes.I would also run into the warehouse and grab me some shoes,clothes and anything else and i would buy the coolies remote control Ferrari Subaru and Holden. And i would also buy me a mansion with all the luxury stuff even if it cost heaps and handy manny and bob the builder will build it

Related imageToyworld
The thing that i would buy is the little green soldiers with the barricades and tanks and scout towers and barbed wire with red men and i would buy this because i like it and it's fun. and lego i would buy the hole set off both of them and buy nerf guns for my mates and have a war and use obstacles to hide behind them.

JB Hi Fi At JB HI FI I would buy me a samsung galaxy S6 edge and a wifi box, xbox 36 an xbox1,ps4 and all the ps4 games. Also i would buy a TV I would also buy four different phones like android,samsung,vodafone and nokia.

Hoyts At the movies i would buy all the popcorn and fizzy drinks and lollies. Also i would like to watch all the new movies. I  would watch paper planes, home, paper town, The Hobbit battle of the five armies And Dracula untold.

If I really had a million dollars I would be happy and I would

buy a new house and go grocery shopping and also pay for the power bills. I would buy me a xbox1,ps4 ps3 and all the new and old games to them and have a hole shelf with the game to xbox1 to ps3 to ps4.