Thursday, 11 August 2016

The BFG book and movie

Last term our literacy teacher (Mr Wiseman) read us a the book the BFG by Roald dahl. At the 10 of August we went to watch it at Sylvia park. I think the movie was cool and funny. It looked boring at the start until it got further into the movie. But I think the book was better because the book gave more detail then the movie, like describing the characters better then the movie and the book was a little bit diffrent to the movie's way.

some bits were different then the movie because in the book it said the Giants were put in to a hole but on the movie they were put on a island surrounded by water and they could not swim so the BFG gave then heaps on snozzcumbers and snozzcumber seeds.

My Favourite character was the BFG because the BFG was kind of Fob and he couldn't pronounce words proporly and didn't go school. The BFG said that Giants don't have mothers or fathers. the BFG was a funny and friendly giant then the other nine giants they were all bully's to the Big friendly giant.

My favourite part about it was when the BFG showed sophie were he catches dreams and collects them. He catches bad dreams and Good dreams. he can also mix them up like the part were he makes a dream were the Queen has a dream that nine hungry ate 13 children
  and sophie was siting on the queens window
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  1. HI hosea it me your little sister I heard that you went to the BFG how did you feel when you went to the sinamers and what you favourite part of the you loved the most from Kei and I hope that you messege me back

  2. Kia ora Hosea!

    I really love the BFG book and I really want to see the movie! You've just sold it to me, I'm going to have to go rent it from the store or buy it online. What a cool movie.

    How are your holidays going? I hope you're having fun!