Friday, 17 March 2017

annual polyleshes festival

Yesterday team 5 went to the polyfest in manukau. The reason we went there was because we wanted to learn about different cultures. Polyfest is a three day annual polynesian festival or polyfest.

If I could choose the best think it would be the stalls that were every where. Like the counties manukau police. It was fun because there were  a lot that you know or did not know about police and what they do.

My second highlight was the stage’s like the Diversity stage, maori stage and the samoan stage. But my most favourite stage was the maori stage.

Polyfest is important to people especially to those who are not confident on stage because it helps be courageous on stage and help them perform with kia kaha. Another reason is it helps your social relation with other people and helps make friends

So next time you hear about polyfest come along and don't forget about the food.

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